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Meehan, Tascha Fower

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The 541st Legion was a powerful Legion led by Colonel Turaki Kaier and Clone Commander Ied. They are most notable for their battles on the planets Arkania and Ansion.

Commanders Edit

Colonel Turaki Kaier Edit

Born on Ansion, trained on Carida, Colonel Turaki Kaier began his combat career fourteen years prior to the Clone Wars as a thirty-one year old Field Marshal in the Republic Judaical Forces, working with the Tarkin Paramilitary, during the Stark Hyperspace War. In this time, he lost a close friend, and rumored wife, Captain Mira Ferian/Kaier to a sniper. After the Republic victory in the conflict, Kaier returned to his family vineyard on Ansion where successful fermenting practices created a Galaxy-known brand name of wine, generating massive wealth.


Upon the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Kaier was reactivated and assigned a command within the 541st Legion. When his Jedi General was killed during an engagement deep in the Outer Rim, Kaier assumed command of the Legion, leading it to far greater success than it had achieved prior to the Jedi Officer's death. When Kaier and his men refused to accept a replacement General, the Jedi Order had the legion bumped to the back of the procurement list for insubordination. But the private wealth of Kaier proved useful, as he was said to privately supply his troops with custom made weapons and ships. Kaier would see action on Arkania and back on his home planet of Ansion, where the loss of his wife would lead to Kaier and the opposing Separatist force engaging in their own, private, war.

Clone Commander Ied Edit

CC-1145/80 would have been any other Clone Commander, save for two things. Firstly, as part of the Alpha batch of Clone Commanders, the mechanisms used to flash train the clones was "overcooked". In some officers, the "overcooked" flash learning attribute would cause them to quickly learn something that caught their eye. In Ied, this was the accent of his Northern Corellian instructor. Many non-clone officers, and a good deal of his men, fail to understand what is being said through the thick accent. Secondly, the legion that he would be assigned to; the 541st, would change him in ways he never thought. Because of his commanding officer's liberal nature, and complete disregard for members of the Jedi Order, Commander "Ied" (pronounced Eye-ehd), as he came to be called after a close encounter with an I.E.D, would be just as insubordinate as his CO, Colonel Turaki Kaier. Kaier and him would become close friends throughout the fight, as Ied did his best to keep him up to date with the opinions and feelings of his brothers. Ied would later claim that Kaier was almost a father to him.

Meehan Edit

Meehan was assigned to to the 541st Legion while they were stationed on Arkania. He served at many important battles while on Arkania. His most notable contributions to the 541st rest in his liberation of Trkai from captivation, and his protection and convertion of RED HEAD into a Republc officer.

Meehan's Funeral

Meehan was sadly wounded on Arkania, and while at the time it seemed like a minor wound, it turned out to be fatal. He was laid to rest when the 541st came to Ansion.

Tascha Fower Edit

Tascha Fower was found by Meehan inside a house on Arkania by Meehan, who saved her from the attacking CIS force. She stayed with Meehan and 541st for the duration of the attack on Arkania, and even fought at points. It is thought that she and Meehan developed a tight bound, and possily fell in love.

It is assumed that she trained for a while between Ansion and Arkania, but when seen next on Ansion she is a Republic commander. She attends Meehan's funeral, and then prepares for the fighting. She and Trek are paired together when the first attack comes. ODCs drop out of the sky on to her and Trek's postion, killing a number of civilians. Trek and she soon found themselves in the middle of an all out fight that they can not win, and quickly start to retreat to an extraction zone. She is, ironically, gunned down right on top of Meehan's grave.

The 541st had no choice but to assume her dead, and move on. The droids advanced past what seemed to be a dead body. Later, however, it turns out that she is not dead. She is currently stuck behind enemy lines.

Enemies Edit

General Marcus Amador Edit

General Marcus served on Arkania on the side of the CIS. He was considered by many to be ruthless and violent, though when it came to tactics, and especially defeating Turkai, Marcus was a genius.

General Marcus and Turkai have a long past. They fought aginst each other in the Stark Hyper Space war, and Marcus ended up killing Turkai's wife. This caused them to both want to seek revenege on each other, and all through out Arkania they fought their own grudge match. Turkai won in the end, passing Ied his gun to finish off his long time enemy.