The 82nd Legion

Clone Commander


Jedi General


The 82nd legion is a legion in the GAR lead by Clone Commander Trovan and Jedi General Krovan.


Commander TrovarnEdit

(previously commander Bizzle)

Bred in the Kaminion labs he was one of the first clone's to get assigned to a legion. He was assigned to the 82nd Legion under Clone Commander Brakov. As one of the legions that was ready to be deployed they were sent to Geonosis. Upon insertion their LATT/i's took heavy fire forcing them to land in the middle of the battle. As they fought their way to the command post Brakov was killed by a stray artillery round. Upon his death Trovarn was given a battle field promotion and later ARC training. He lead the 82nd up until the very end. Deifying Order 66 and helping the Jedi General Krovan escape. For that Trovarn was killed and the clones of the 82nd were distributed though out the imperial army.

Jedi General KrovanEdit

Raised by the Jedi since he was a young boy the only memories Krovan has of home are blurred by years of fighting and service in the Jedi order. He was made a Jedi Knight 15 years prior to the out break of the Clone wars. During those 15 year Krovan denied three Jedi apprentice's due to the fact that he liked to work alone. He took command of the 82nd due to pressure by the Jedi Council. He lead them through out the Clone Wars and was saved from Order 66 by the clones loyalty to him. He later lead a ill fated attempt by some Jedi to take back the planet where the Jedi order was founded. He and all but two Jedi were killed in the attack. Which was in fact a trap set by a rouge jedi working for the Emperor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The 82nd legion is currently featured in a comic called "The 82nd Legion Holo Records.




Mid Rim


Besbrillwui sector

Rotation Period

25 Standard Hours


240 Standard days









When the planet Besbrillwui was attacked and invaded by the separatists the 82nd was dispatched to take the planet back. After making contact with what was left of the Planets army Commander Trovarn and the army leader came up with a plane to take the planet back. But due to a traitor inside the rebel HQ the Separatists were alerted to the plan and made a preemptive strike against the Rebels. In that strike over 1,500 rebel soldiers were killed.