Bellamore from space

Capital city

The Capitol

Bellamore was a planet involved in the Clone Wars. Its capital city was known as The Capitol.

History Edit

Clone Wars Edit


The Capitol during the Clone Wars

At some point during the Clone Wars, Bellamore's capital city was invaded by the Confederacy of Independant Systems and the civilian population subdued. When the Republic learned of this threat, clone commando Squad 42 were dispatched to the planet's surface. The squad succesfully breached CIS defenses and utilised a large Electromagnetic Pulse generator to shut down the droid army, liberating the civilians.

However, no sooner had Squad 42 arrived back on a 501st legion Disgorger-class ship than they learned of a further disturbance on the planet. A search and rescue party sent into the city in the wake of occupation had come under attack from a CIS ambush. Although the team was almost wiped out, Squad 42 arrived on the surface again just in time to save the survivors and destroy the droids.

Behind the scenes Edit

Bellamore was created by brickfilmer Gareth Pugh for his Squad 42 series. It appears in No Alternative and Alone in the Dark. Several CGI elements were added into the remastered editions of both films, including a shot of the planet from space, a detailed view of The Capitol and an improved EMP effect.