Disgorger-class Star Dreadnought
Disgorger title
A Disgorger-class with an open hangar bay


Rise of the Empire


Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)

Years active

22 BBY - ?


Carrier, command ship

The Disgorger-class Star Dreadnought was a Republic capital ship used by its Grand Army during the Clone Wars.

Characteristics Edit

Hangar Edit

The Disgorger-class' main attribute was its collossal hangar bay - most of the dreadnought's underbelly could swing downwards, allowing vessels to dock with ease. This was a particularly useful feature when handling battles in orbit or in outer space, as a Disgorger could carry massive reinforcements, in the form of thousands of fighters, shuttles and support ships. Due to its less-than-extravavgant exterior defences, however, this was often its only advantage: the Disgorger was often referred to as a giant, mobile hangar.

Gravity generators Edit

The star destroyer also featured a pair of artificial gravity generators, located towards its aft end. These utilised an inverted form of gravity well projector technology, as they formed a barrier around the ship to prevent collisions. This barrier was essential, given the enormous potential volume of ships that could be nearby.

Command bridge Edit

Disgorger command

The Disgorger-class' command bridge

"We can do anything from here."
-CC-2224, "Cody"

The command center of the Disgorger-class was located above the main hangar area. It contained numerous computational terminals and holographic projection technology. One useful piece of technology was a bank of sophisticated scanning and tracking equipment, which could detect the positions of both Republic and enemy forces. This was, on occasion, an invaluable tactical advantage.

History Edit

Disgorger battle

A battle between Republic and CIS forces in the hangar bay

Squad 42 Edit

The Disgorger-class played a notable part in Squad 42's mission to rescue CT-65/91-6210 ("Deviss") on the unnamed planet. Having docked in one of the 501st legion's dreadnoughts after their previous mission, the Disgorger served as a headquarters for the squad during the ensuing conflict. While the 7th legion's K Company handled a search and rescue operation on the ground, Squad 42's sergeant monitored their efforts from the command bridge. Just as sensors alerted him to droid forces on the ground, the dreadnought itself was boarded by a CIS gunship. After fighting their way past waves of droids within the hangar and corridors, Squad 42 commandeered an LAAT/i gunship from the hangar bay and set off to rescue Deviss. After the mission's success, Squad 42 returned to the Disgorger with Deviss in tow.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Disgorger CGI

A preliminary image of a CGI Disgorger

The Disgorger-class was created in miniature form by LEGO builder J4ke for an event at the CABG forums, and was subsequently utilised by brickfilmer Gareth Pugh in his film Squad 42 V: Alone in the Dark. All interior sets were built by Gareth.

At least one CGI Disgorger-class will appear in the sixth Squad 42 film.

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