Onderonian Crisis

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The Onderonian Crisis took place over 8 days during the Clone Wars. It was caused by an assassination attempt on King Verana of Onderon. For the most part, it was not a particularly notable conflict, although the ambitious mercenary group AlphA was involved.


Very few people were involved in the Onderonian Crisis, as lockdown was initiated soon after the original assassination attempt, cutting off a small section of Iziz.

AlphA Agents Edit

  • Teky Leet (Sullustan female)
  • Ika N'Killu (Human female)
  • Xarga (Human male)
  • OMF Pvt. Torran (Human male)

Non-AlphA military personnel Edit

  • OMF Cmdr. Almeta (Human male)
  • OMF Cpl. Zero (Human male)
  • OMF Cpl. Arianna (Human female)
  • Republic Agent Kolto (Human male)

Civilians Edit

  • Chakee Varak (Human male)
  • Morris O'Sidious (Human male)
  • Rwaara'ka (Wookiee male)
  • Ron Raturka (Rottakan male)
  • Thomas Grays (Human male)
  • Mana Grays (Human female)

Background Edit

In the years leading up to the Crisis, King Verana had led the planet of Onderon into a "golden age". While most of Onderon's people were pleased with this development, some were less than willing to conform to Verana's system. One member of this disgruntled minority took action, offering AlphA payment in exchange for the elimination of Verana.

The Crisis Edit

The Iziz lockdown lasted for a total of 8 days. The prople trapped inside, among whom were the AlphA agents, decided that the fair way to solve the crisis was to hold a public vote each day to decide who the hidden agents were.

Day 1Edit

The first day of the Crisis started with the attempt on King Verena's life by a man posing as a Republic agent. The would-be killer was stopped by Commander Almeta and Corporal Zero. While he was being led off to be questioned, the prisoner was killed by a sniper, positioned in a nearby watchtower. Lockdown was initiated, and the few trapped inside were left as suspects. These people quickly discussed what had happened that morning. Eventually, Almeta lead the vote, rallying against Teky Leet. Soon, enough votes were cast, and Leet was incarcerated.
Onderon 1
The day also marked the appearance of a strange man called Zynosis. He contacted Almeta a few times throughout the day to issue warnings and threats. He would come to have an impact on the following days' events, as he often influenced the vote despite his anonymity.

Day 2 Edit

The second day started with Almeta and Mr. and Mrs. Grays exaiming the body of the dead "Republic agent" from the day before. Alemta uncovered a coded chip inside the helmet of the dead man and asked Corporal Zero to scan it. Zero, claiming that his skills were inferior, requested help from an unorthodox source - their prisoner, Teky Leet.

Teky, however, proved to be too much for the OMF, and made off with the helemt. Before she is recaptured, however, she is killed by a dart to the waist. Xarga is also found with a shot in him, and the body of the agent from the day before is found missing.

This day, it is Morris wwho leads the vote against Agent Kolto. He said that out of his four suspects, who included Verena, Varak, Ika and Kolto, Kolto is the most likely out of them. The people agreed, and it is decided that they will kill Kolto tomorrow.

Day 3 Edit

The third day of the crisis started off with an explosion in the town square.
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The Explosion