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The Rottkan was a species similar to Ithorians.

Notable Rottakans Edit

Ke'evan Edit

Ke'evan was a Rottkan Jedi general during the Clone Wars. He served with the 713rd Spade Legion. His only recorded mission was his attack with Commander Calamitous on a Techno Union-created monster hidden below the surface of Xagobah.
Rottakan 1

The monster and Ke'evan

Ron Raturka Edit

Rottakan 2

Ron Raturka

Ron Raturka led a private and quiet life as a bar tender. He would not have been of note had he not been working in Iziz when the Onderonian Crisis started. Raturka made a slight impact on the Crisis, leading to the capture of an AlphA agent and also saving the remaining citizens from a bomb by taking it off into the desert and letting it explode.He perished in the explosion.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Creator Edit

Member LegoRevolution was the first to come up with the Rottkan. He used it orginally in his "Techno Union Monster" creation, as seen to the left of this page.

Other users Edit

CABG member Alpha duplicated the Rottkan for two RPGs, using it orginally as Neumben Booja for The Malor Crisis (currently on indefinite hiatus) and then as Ron Raturka in Crisis on Onderon. The Rottakan has yet to appear in any other CABG Media.