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Shan-Shen as seen from space


Mid Rim


Bruanii sector


Shiu system


Shiu Shen

Orbital position



3, 1 habitable (Kengdong)

Rotation Period

26 standard hours

Orbital Period

324 local days

Shan-Shen was a planet in the Bruanii sector of the galaxy's Mid Rim. It had a temperate-to-tropical climate (although the continent of Quinzhou contained the large Haimong desert) and an ice cap at its north pole. It was most notable for the minor conflicts that took place in the Agatean cities of Noktow and Kujam during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War, respectively.

Inhabitants Edit

Shanu Edit

The Shanu were Shan-Shen's native sentient species. A few of them were proficient in use of the Force, although they often misattributed this to the ocean gods worshipped in their religion. They made up the majority of the Tuangan Empire.

Shen Edit

The "Shen" were the dominant species on Shan-Shen - a race of humans decended from the first invaders of Shan-Shen, who took over from the Shanu, as well as any other human migrants to the planet. They fought at least one civil war, between the Shaotong and Agatean Empires, although the conflict was settled around a decade before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, and peace between the two nations prevailed.

Wise women Edit

The wise women were a small group who possessed strong Force abilities, and used them to predict the future and see people's secrets. They appeared to be Shen humans, although some advanced abilities (such as that to make themselves invisible, or at least difficult to perceive) suggested that they may, in fact, have been a different species, similar to the gurlanin. However, if they were an alien species, they would have had to have been genetically compatible with humans, as Mellie Zhang (a wise woman) was the daughter of Kha Zhang and Ki'lar Jun (allegedly Shen humans).

Other Edit

Shan-Shen Comp Empires

Composite image of Shan-Shen, showing the locations of the three Empires

Only 1% of Shan-Shen's sentient population (at the time if the Clone Wars) was neither human nor Shanu. While this may include the wise women, it also includes completely alien species, such as the Toydarian Naru Barack.

Politics Edit

Shaotong Empire Edit

The largest of Shan-Shen's three empires, the Shaotong Empire was located on the Quinzhou continent. The majority of its population was Shen human, mixed with some of the planet's indigenous species, the Shanu. It had been at war with the Agatean Empire for some time, before a successful peace process began in around 30 BBY. The Shaotong Empire was the first of the three empires to suggest joining the Republic in 22 BBY.

Tuangan Empire Edit

The second-largest empire, it was also the only one to have a mostly-Shanu population. The Shanu of this continent were a mostly religious race, who worshipped ocean gods and performed rituals for them: in actuality, these beliefs were most likely caused by early manifestations of Force powers in the Shanu, who used them to control the water. These feats were still performed by Shanu elders until at least 21 BBY.

Agatean Empire Edit

This, the smallest empire, was mostly comprised of Shen humans. It caused controversy during the Clone Wars when its senator was elected to the Republic Senate, despite efforts by the Shaotongese to get their senator elected. The subsequent arrival of a Republic representative set off the First Agatean Crisis. The Agatean Empire contained several industrial businesses, including airspeeder manufacturing, but was partly taken over by a rapidly-expanding narcotics trade during the Galactic Civil War. The strong grip held by this drugs industry was one of the contributing factors in starting the Second Agatean Crisis.

History Edit


Noktow during the First Agatean Crisis

First Agatean Crisis Edit

Following the tenuous peace process between the Shaotong and Agatean Empires, it was decided that a senator should represent Shan-Shen in the Republic Senate. There was some controversy over the fact that the elected senator, Xiang Leungtaemong, was Agatean - a minority on Shan-Shen. This was cause for a Republic official, Thor Juga-Free, to visit Shan-Shen and handle the matter. Unfortunately, upon Juga-Free's arrival in the town of Noktow, Senator Leungtaemong was assassinated, and the town placed under lockdown. It was revealed that several agents of the Confederacy of Independant Systems had infiltrated the town and killed the senator to prepare Shan-Shen for CIS invasion.

However, before the agents' work was completed, several of them were identified and executed by the townspeople, although not without casualties of their own. The leader of the agents was the turncoat Shaotongese noble, Lord Tang, who almost managed to call in CIS support before being incapacitated by the elderly wise woman Zuki Maru. With the crisis over, the lockdown was lifted and the Republic alerted to the CIS presence.

Second Agatean Crisis Edit

Wi Shun Chester

Wi Shun and Lord Chester, two key figures in the Second Agatean Crisis

Roughly two decades later, during the Galactic Civil War, conflict erupted once more within Agatea. With the citizens of Shan-Shen debating over whether or not to accept the rule of the Galactic Empire, groups began appear who supported the Rebel Alliance. Imperial spies were deployed to the city of Kujam to seek out and eliminate the Rebel sympathisers who were controlling one of the nation's most influential businesses: the Chester Shipping Organisation, a notorious drug smuggling operation. One Alliance operative, called Morrick, was assassinated in public while giving a speech to the citizens of Kujam. Once again, lockdown was initiated and the hostile agents were sought out.

Matters were complicated by the arrival of a group of Black Sun mercenaries, on a mission to settle a score with Lord Chester, head of the narcotics industry. However, these killers were captured and killed by both the townspeople and the Imperial agents, and failed to accomplish their objective. With Lord Chester leading the Rebel sympathisers, the leader of the Imperials was eventually revealed to be his own aide, Wi Shun. Escaping at first, Wi Shun was finally stopped when she was led into a trap and killed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Agatean Nights RPG Edit


Left: Shanu from the RPG. Right: Shanu from Gareth Pugh's brickfilm.

Shan-Shen was created by CABG members Bly and Zepher for their forum Roleplaying Game Agatean Nights, and used again in Agatean Nights II. Background details of the planet and its government were written by Bly as supplementary material, and all sets and characters' appearances for the games were created by Zepher.

Agatean Nights Brickfilm Edit

Brickfilmer Gareth Pugh originally planned to adapt the RPG (with help from Zepher) into a multi-chapter film series. However, due to pressures to complete the sixth film in the Squad 42 saga, production of Agatean Nights has been put on indefinite hiatus.

Shanu Edit

There is a discrepancy between the appearance of the Shanu seen in the Agatean Nights games and in preliminary frames from Gareth Pugh's film. As the film is not yet released, the RPG depiction is the current canon, unless official sources claim otherwise.

Etymolgy Edit

Shan-Shen is named after a planet from the British television series Doctor Who. Similarly, the Agatean Empire is named for a country in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.