Squad 42
Squad 42: Sergeant in centre-left


Rise of the Empire


Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)

Years active

21 BBY - ?


DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System, DC-17 hand blaster, EMP Pulse Cannon, Flamethrower


Katarn-class commando armour

Squad 42 was a squad of clone commandos in operation during the Clone Wars.

History Edit

Before Squad 42 Edit

At least one member of Squad 42 had seen service before being assimilated into the commando training programme: the squad's sergeant was previously an ARC trooper, clad in a black pauldron and kama. This ARC trooper was seen leading a standard squad of nine clone troopers (coincidentally named 'squad 42') into battle on a rocky planet, from which they emerged victorious. It is unknown under what circumstances the ARC trooper became a commando sergeant.

Early battles Edit

Clone commando Squad 42 was first seen as a whole during a mission to an unnamed planet, accompanying a small contingent of Republic troops. A group of clone troopers captured a CIS droideka and brought it back to base for inspection. However, the droid reactivated, alerting Seperatist forces. Squad 42 helped troops prepare for the coming battle and took up defensive positions. Utilising heavy cannon to take down an advancing MTT, it seemed as though the battle had finished as quickly as it began. Unfortunately, heavy CIS reinforcements broke through the wreckage of the first wave, catching the Republic off guard. Reacting to this new threat, Squad 42 was deployed into enemy ranks to plant bombs on major targets. This plan was successful, although heavy losses were sustained by the Republic.


The EMP is detonated

"No alternative" Edit

Squad 42 was next seen after the capital city of Bellamore

was invaded by a large Confederate force. WIth the city's population in the millions, a full Republic counter-offensive would be too risky. Instead, Squad 42 was sent to infiltrate the city and find a way to stop the droid takeover. Breaching the walls and making quick progress towards the city centre, eliminating the few droid patrols they encountered, Squad 42 was suddenly stopped in its tracks by the presence of a large CIS force around City Central Plaza. The sergeant decided that there was no alternative but to make a run for whatever the battle droids were guarding, and led the squad in a brief charge through the defences. Heading into the central building, the sergeant uncovered an Electromagnetic Pulse generator. Activating it, he shut down all electrical equipment in the city - including the droids. The city liberated, the squad called for immediate extraction.

Big Damn Heroes

Joint mission with 7th and 501st legions Edit

The squad's transport met in orbit with a group of Disgorger-class Star Dreadnoughts, under the command of CC-2224, "Cody", commander of the 501st Legion's 212th Battalion. Cody informed Squad 42's sergeant that CT-65/91-6210, "Deviss", of the 7th Legion's K Company, was conducting a search and rescue operation on the ground. Bored of being "stuck between the action", the sergeant requested the use of shipboard scanning technology to monitor Deviss. The scanner detected an unexpectedly large force moving towards K Company. Before action could be taken, however, the Star Dreadnought was boarded by the CIS and power was taken offline. Whilst fighting their way through to the hangar bay, the sergeant and Cody remarked on how the orbital battle was just a distraction from Deviss' plight. Upon arriving in the hangar, they found that power had been restored to the Disgorger, and the sergeant rallied Squad 42 for a hasty trip to the planet's surface. As they prepared to land in a LAAT/i gunship, they saw the remnants of K Company vastly outnumbered and outgunned - thinking fast, the squad mowed down some of the droid infantry with the LAAT/i's lasers and landed between the two forces. The doors slid open, and Squad 42 opened fire with blaster rifles, an EMP cannon and a flamethrower. Within minutes, the droid army was molten metal, leaving only the CIS commander to be finished off with a volley of shots to head from the sergeant. Deviss and the two remaining K Company troopers boarded the gunship and reunited with the Disgorger-class in orbit, confident that the planet was safe from the Confederacy.

Behind the scenes Edit

Squad 42 was created by brickfilmer Gareth Pugh for his eponymous film series. While there have been some discrepancies between the squad's portrayal over the course of the films, it is generally accepted that their costumes in No Alternative and Alone in the Dark are the canonical representation, rather than the unmodifed look used in Rise of the Confederacy and The Final Order. The characters themselves, however, stay the same throughout the saga (the original Squad 42 being the exception, as it only features the sergeant-to-be as an ARC trooper).

A sixth film was planned for release sometime in 2010 - however, as of this writing, Pugh has cancelled this project and started afresh on a new version rewritten from scratch. It is unknown when this film will be completed.

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