The first Agatean Crisis took place in the small town of Noktow on the planet Shen-Shan. Shen-Shan was important for it's factories that both the Republic and CIS wanted. The city of Noktow itself, had two major reasons of importance. The first was that postioned directly outside it's boundries was the shield generator for the entire planet. The second was that it was small, and Xiang, the leader of Shen-Shan and Republic sympathic, could more easily be killed.

Personnel Edit

CIS Agents Edit

  • Ari Niom (Local Merchant)
  • Kim Hua (Ferry Man)
  • Mu Tae ( Shaotongese Rep)
  • General Li (General of GIAS)
  • Lord Tang (Noble from Shoatang)
  • Thecho Keller (Republic Soldier)

Republic Soldiers Edit

  • Thor Juga-Free (Republic Commander)
  • Yurgo Hass (Republic Soldier)

Shoatang Soldiers Edit

  • Jukon Yuro (Soldier of the GIAS)

Agatean Soldiers Edit

  • General Tani (General of the AIA)
  • Oniburo Taki (Soldier of the AIA)

Shanu Reps Edit

  • Vatuana Kiazuna (Leading member of the Shanu)
  • Baomau Jakauva (Assistant to Vatuana)

Citizens Edit

  • Zuki Maru (Seer)
  • Isori Toni (Mechanic)
  • Kha Zhang (Rice Farmer)
  • Ki'lar Jun (Town Flirt)

History Edit

Shen-Shan is an outskirt planet rich in minerals to use for the making of tanks, for either the Republic or CIS. Though the planet had had years of turmoil, it had finally united, though the countries remained. The planet voted, though barely, to join the Republic forces. The main reason for this was the new leader from Agatea, a minority, whose name was Xiang. Xiang, after his election and sucess in convincing the planet to join the Repulic, started to look around for places to set up factories, visiting many small towns. Noktow was one of the first, and it was decided that a factory would be built near by.

The Days Edit

The Crisis in Noktow took place over 10 days.